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“First build the sauna and then the house”

– A Finnish proverb

With us, you will discover a sauna culture which dates back three thousand years, learn what happens to the body when immersed in almost one hundred degrees Celsius and appreciate the comfort you can have here and now. We know how to design and build the sauna you dream of.

Saunas are our love, passion and pride. Not just a place to warm up, but above all a ritual that is important for health, relaxation, improving well-being and finally regaining balance. That is why in the design of saunas, steam baths and spa areas, it is not only the first impression that is important, but every detail that makes up the effect. With care, professionalism and commitment, we create home saunas, designer spas in gardens, saunas on the roofs of skyscrapers as well as relaxation zones and hotel wellness spaces. From the first sketch to construction and service, we treat our projects as unique pieces of work for which we vouch with reputation and international recognition.



In the design and construction of saunas, we recognise no boundaries or templates. We focus on continuous development and progress in the field of technology, materials and sauna equipment. That is why we carry out the most demanding orders, and for the most interesting ones we will travel far away, even to Majorca. Our saunas can be found all over Europe and the world, in places that attract with elegance, modern design and panache. Hotel complexes, spa & wellness areas, sports facilities and private homes and properties – we equip them with the finest Finnish saunas, steam saunas, infrared saunas and relaxation areas. We build graduation towers, grottos and salt walls. We want to be a model for others, an inspiration, and we want to raise the art of sauna building to a higher level. Some of the most interesting projects completed in recent years are presented below.

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„The destination is not a place you are going to, but a new perspective with which you look at the world.”
- Lao Tzu -



We invite you to the design office where each of our saunas originates. Here the architects analyse the plans for the available space, taking into account the nature of the treatments, the requirements of the clients and the climate in which the surroundings are designed. To fit the sauna or spa space into the plans of the building, flat or garden, we think about every detail that affects the design. We take care of detailed visualisation, advise on the choice of accessories, sunbeds and showers. We carry out non-standard projects, incorporate the latest trends from global markets and confidently navigate ultra-modern interior design.

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Be at peace with your spa

You are in good hands. Our technicians have professional experience supported by implementations
in the most prestigious and demanding investments. Thanks to this, we provide maintenance, warranty and post-warranty services for SPA devices not only in facilities where the devices have been installed by us, but also wherever they are present, and their proper functioning requires regular service.

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