Our history is now twenty years old and the founder and soul of the Spa Zone venture is Andrzej Wandas. A sauna enthusiast and promoter with a vast knowledge of materials, design and technology. In search of new experiences and knowledge, he continues to travel the world, bringing back ideas and inspirations for customers and employees, with whom he has created a harmonious team. That is why Spa Zone still remains one of the largest Polish companies on the market, which carry out the most demanding projects of saunas and spa spaces.

About Us

We are a company specialising in building saunas and our heart beats in a beautiful Polish town with centuries of tradition: Wieliczka. Here, in a historic building, our architects work on the concept, visualisation of projects and here there is a showroom where you can see the equipment and materials for sauna construction. We have a huge factory space where we turn our visions into reality. Our travels, our many years of research, our on-the-job experience and our expert knowledge allow us to choose only components and materials whose quality we have tested ourselves and appliances that have not let us down for years. So we always focus on quality and aesthetics. Regardless of the size of the projects, we create stylish, ultra-modern designs in line with global trends. We listen to the needs of our clients, we carefully analyse the space they have, and when designing, we never lose sight of the vision they come to us with. We love a challenge, and we build saunas for generations, creating timeless quality.

“There are no impossible things, there are only difficult things to do.”


– Alexander the Great –

About Us