We design and build saunas with the idea that they resist the passing time. It is not only the design that is timeless, but also the quality in which we put great effort. For our designs to last for decades, they need proper and regular service. We provide this for our customers by providing maintenance, warranty and post-warranty services.

We know how to look after saunas

The Spa Zone team is made up of professionals, among whom experienced technicians occupy an important place. They know all about servicing equipment and can take care of both home saunas and the most exploited spa spaces.


The basic element and “heart” of the sauna is, of course, the electric stove, which generates heat through heaters. Over time, these heaters need to be replaced, even if they are not used correctly. However, burning out of these stove components can be prevented by extending their service life. The most important rule is to use water sparingly on the sauna stones, but never directly on the heaters. This is a common mistake we encounter on a daily basis.


Stones – rocks with an expiry date

A sauna element that needs to be replaced regularly is the stones. Their service life is estimated to be around 600 hours of electric stove operation. What happens to them after this time? The stones are specially shaped pieces of diabase rock which, due to regular heating and cooling, can simply crumble over time and lose their properties. This is why our service technicians recommend replacing them every four months in more heavily used spa areas and every two years in private saunas. This is an important part of the service, also from an economic point of view. New stones have a higher heat capacity, heat up more quickly and maintain a high temperature for longer. The way in which the stones are arranged is also important, so that they protect the heater of the stove from flooding, but at the same time provide a constant access of air to the inside of the stove. This guarantees the best convection of heat in the sauna.

Steam bath – focus on the generator

The hot steam that rises in the air of the steam bath has its source in the generator. It is the most important device, responsible for the perfect functioning of the steam bath. It is therefore worth ensuring that it operates for as long as possible and without faults. Limescale, deposited on the bottom of the tank and heating elements, is most often responsible for the latter. Therefore, the most important thing for the proper functioning of the steam bath is the regular descaling of the steam generator.

Regular services

What does the frequency of servicing our saunas and appliances depend on? First of all, it depends on the intensity of their operation. In homes, gardens and private flats, it is advisable to order service once a year. The opposite is true for large spa facilities, where intensive daily use requires servicing even once a month.


Operation without failure

We know that the regular replacement of worn heating elements, furnace inspection and check-ups, guarantee our customers peace of mind and satisfaction with the performance of our saunas. That is why we always offer a service and emphasise its benefits in the long term. It is important for the most perfect operation and durability of our projects.


Cleanliness is key

In saunas and steam baths we relax, sweat and regenerate. We want to feel safe and comfortable in them. That’s why at Spa Zone we set the highest standards in hygiene, choosing the best products for the care of all elements of the sauna rooms. We offer only proven cleaning products. Among them are preparations for disinfecting, brightening benches, walls and loungers made of various species and types of wood. Our formulas dissolve grease, sweat and prevent stains on the wood. We use tested products to clean ceramic tiles, glass, stone, wood and plastic equipment.

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