A unique place where the power of the ancient ritual of rassoul, purifies the mind and regenerates the body. The extremely pleasant and deeply relaxing treatment has its own pace, important principles and technique. The first stage involves the application of clays, muds or marine algae to the skin, which dry to provide a gentle astringent action. Then, during the moisturising stage, the humidity in the bath is increased, making the formulas slowly soften. This is the point at which the entire body should be thoroughly massaged to allow the ingredients of the clays to penetrate deeper into the skin, while gently exfoliating the epidermis. Finally, there is the sprinkling stage, which involves thoroughly washing off any residue from the previously applied preparations. However, to get the most out of a mud bath, it is advisable to finish the ritual with a body massage, such as a hammam. In this type of bath, the maximum temperature is 55°C, so you can safely undergo the rituals, relax, effectively get rid of toxins and muscle and joint pain.